Beeginning Beekeepers

We all have to start somewhere. Ask your beeginers questions or help out with some wise tips for the beeginer.

John Wettenhall
2 days ago

In brief I want advice on procedures on preparing my brood and super for winter. They are newish hives, quite strong, super honey frames nearly full ?
3 days ago

Is there any bee keepers on the sunshine coast interested in some help so i can learn more about bee keeping?
Steve G
7 days ago

Steve G
Sep 27, 2018

Firstly noticed the tale tale sign of mumified chalky larve carcases on the landing board a week or so ago (during recent rain period). Did a hive inspection this week end and confirmed Chalk brood i
Aug 9, 2018

Hi, I am located in Buderim and would like to purchase a beehive and some bees. I'd love some suggestions please. Thanks!
Stephen Groves
Feb 5, 2018

I am wondering how others manage their stickies. I have been extratcing small scale but recently scaling up a bit such that I am finding that I dont have the option to just put the freshly extracted
Jan 27, 2018

Interestingly, following today's meeting, discussion on AFB and having borrowed a book which mentioned new at home test kits for AFB ,I found a video for it on on YouTube; "How to use Vita Diagnostic
3 days ago

6 days ago

A retired paint manufacturer told me he used to make a special linseed oil based paint for six beekeepers in the Queenbeyan area. He says you can make a good approximation by adding 500ml of Raw Linse
Frank Vos
7 days ago

Sep 27, 2018

My mentor is away, hoping someone has advice. Last few days there are MANY bees hanging out at front of hive. Last time I opened it (1.5 weeks ago) the brood box was pretty much empty, a few larva
Jun 11, 2018

Recently moved to Sunshine Coast from Brisbane where I lost my hives to small hive beetle is it much of a problem in SC hinterland?
Jan 28, 2018

Should bee activity reduce considerably or to nil it is quite likely that a disease exists in the hive. AFB (American Fowl Brood) is the worst and is fairly prevalent particularly in coastal areas.
Geoff Johnson
Jan 26, 2018

Does the Club have mentors toget me started? Who are they? How do we get in touch?