Apr 8, 2018



Edited: Apr 8, 2018

My mentor is away, hoping someone has advice. Last few days there are MANY bees hanging out at front of hive. Last time I opened it (1.5 weeks ago) the brood box was pretty much empty, a few larvae and drone cells but not much else. Seems the queen was laying in the ideal super and top honey box.

Wondering if the feel they're out of room? Should I move to top super to the brood box position and the emptyish brood box on top? Thanks for any advice.

Apr 8, 2018



Sep 27, 2018Edited: Sep 28, 2018


Ventilation: - The 2 air vents (in each end), that are in the lid of Purchased Gear, is no way sufficient, in the Queensland hot days

My TEK Vents that I designed in the 1980s, nearly eliminates bees hanging out - sometimes I still place 12mm blocks under each corner of the lid for extra ventilation

Bees generate a huge amount of heat in hives with huge bee numbers . . .

Further information - check out my You Tube channel HoneyBEE TEK, Educational videos, that can be applied immediately - costs nothing, BUT your time




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