Jan 27, 2018

Linseed Oil Paint for Hives

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A retired paint manufacturer told me he used to make a special linseed oil based paint for six beekeepers in the Queenbeyan area. He says you can make a good approximation by adding 500ml of Raw Linseed Oil ( can get it at Bunnings Paint Department) to 2 to 3 litres of gloss enamel(oil) based paint. Apply to bare timber (no primer or undercoat)- allow to dry and add a second coat. It will take a little longer to dry than solvent based paint. The oil is absorbed into the wood and preserves it a lot better than regular paint.

6 days ago

It is worth noting that the type of linseed oil I used is raw, not boiled.  It was my personal choice to stay with raw linseed oil.  Boiled linseed oil has metallic dryers added which help speed up the drying process where raw linseed oil has no driers added.  Examples of Buy Designer Fur Coat Online oil-soluble metal salts include: manganese with zirconium, cobalt,

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