Steve G
Jul 2, 2018

flow hive partial harvest

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I did a few quick hive inspections on the week end while the sun poped out for a while. Even though its winter the bees have been very busy with many foundation frames added around April/ May filled out to about 60 - 80 % with some nice white comb. The flow hive was also looking good after harvesting in late summer. Only one frame was fuly capped off with the others not ready yet. So I ony harvested the one frame of 2 litres of yummy Meliluca Honey.

Happy days :-)

Sep 23

Partial harvest is welcomed and started for the happiness for the citizens. The process of the harvest and bestessays com is done for the suggestion for the manners. It is inquired for the evolution of the harvest for the farmer and other experts of the field.

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  • Kenneth Otte
    Oct 8

    Hi There, Can you point me in the right direction to purchase a flow hive?
  • Geoff Johnson
    Jul 5, 2018

    Maybe we should start a Flow Hive circle within Sunny Coast Beekeepers? I notice that many new members have Flow Hives and want to learn beekeeping but are reticent. I think that my Flow Hives are expensive and not optimal for SE Qld (gaps big enough to allow Small Hive Beetle). However, the harvest process is way less disruptive on the bees and easier for the keeper. My friend Jonathan and I expect to buy just the Flow frames ($80 each) and fit them into our own boxes.