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What We Do

Sunshine Coast Beekeepers is run by members for members. This keeps operational and individual costs to a minimum and provides an opportunity for all members to become fully conversant with all aspects of beekeeping.

Benefits of Membership:


*     Opportunity to meet fellow beekeepers, both hobbyist and commercial

*     Availability of mentors for beginner beekeepers

*     Regular Beekeeping Courses for Beginners during the year

*     Interchange of ideas and techniques on all facets of beekeeping

*     Highly experienced guest speakers at meetings

*     Updates on current local and State-wide flora conditions

*     Informal discussion on a wide range of beekeeping topics

*     Opportunity to participate in local and regional field days

*     Regular newsletters with timely articles

*     Workshops for newbies to learn methods and techniques

*     Social activities and get togethers

*     Participation in club events at Field Days

Proudly Supported by the Sunshine Coast Council's Grants Program


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