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Yandina Land and Clubhouse Project

Our group has been working with the Sunshine Coast Council to establish a club facility at Yandina on a site north of the building at 43 Farrell Street - opposite the intersection with Railway Street in Yandina. Much discussion has occurred at group meetings focussing on how we should develop and utilise the land.

A visit to a similar facility in Redlands Club in Brisbane (see Photos and Videos in the Gallery section) produced further discussion and below is a presentation by Club member Evan Flower given at our 27 January 2018 meeting at Unity College.

In March 2018 the lease for the land at Yandina with Sunshine Coast Council was approved. The club's committee began investigating possible grants to get funding to build appropriate sheds and buildings for future use for club meetings. 

In November 2018 we received notification of a major grant ($15,000) from Sunshine Coast Council. The funds were received by our club in December 2018. Much thanks must go to Cr Greg Rogerson for his assistance with the project to date.

On the 8 January 2019 the club gratefully received a another grant of $20,000 from the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities through the great help of Ted O'Brien MP.

Also, a grant was received from the Gaming Community Benefit Fund of $35,000.

We have completed Stage 1 of our plans (see plans below) and look forward to moving towards Stage 2 completion.

The official opening of Stage 1 took place on April 27 2019 with our supportive Councillors, State MP's and Federal MP's present.

Proudly Supported by the Sunshine Coast Council's Grants Program


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